One data learner can create real business impact:

£1.4m revenue

identified through data-driven insights

£120,000 saved

by creating efficiencies

90% shorter project times

achieved through automations

5x faster ML model training

achieved through automations

Data programmes to accelerate business outcomes

Interested in becoming a learner yourself or upskilling your team in data skills that will bring real impact to your organisation?

Whether you or your team are just starting to leverage data and need to build basic data skills, or you're an experienced data scientist and want to excel with advanced machine learning, Cambridge Spark have a data programme fit for you.

A combination of expert faculty, peer and one-on-one support and instant assignment feedback from our elearning platform empower learners to quickly deploy their new data skills at work. All programmes are fully publicly funded for most organisations--so there's no cost to you or your employer.

24/7 immediate feedback

EDUKATE.AI is our learning platform designed for data science education which gives learners immediate and personalised feedback on their code.

Fast skills deployment

Learners apply their skills to real datasets from their first day of learning, with assignments on EDUKATE.AI simulating a working industry environment.

Tailored expert curriculum

A modular curriculum developed with leading experts from academia and industry to meet all skills needs in an organisation.

Peer support

Engagement and support from peers through Knowledge Base, our Q&A feature built into EDUKATE.AI.

Easy set up

Our cloud-based platform requires no installation or set-up for our learners, with their content available whenever they need it.


Real time analysis of learner progress and completion at an individual and cohort level allowing us to target support and celebrate success.

Level 3 Data Citizen Apprenticeship

Programme duration: 13 months

Ideal for: Professionals looking for an in-depth course to improve their confidence, knowledge & skills in leveraging data to make better, faster more informed decisions.

A data-driven organisation requires a minimum level of data skills across the workforce. As organisations increase the number of technical teams working in Python programming, other teams need to be data literate to maximise working effectively with technical teams. A firm understanding of how to prepare, interpret and present data empowers you or your team to drive meaningful outcomes in your organisation.

With funding from the UK's Level 3 Data Technician apprenticeship standard, the Level 3 Data Citizen Apprenticeship provides the right data literacy training for learners to embed data in their daily work to make data-led decisions and maximise new tools and technologies in data and artificial intelligence (AI).

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Learner outcomes:

  • Efficiently prepare and analyse data
  • Visualise and present actionable data-driven insights
  • Use industry-standard tools including Excel, Power BI and Tableau

Organisation outcomes:

  • Save time and provide data-driven insights by automating reporting with dashboarding tools
  • Build basic data literacy skills across the organisation
  • Empower the general population to work more effectively with technical data teams


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Level 4 Data Analyst Apprenticeship

Programme duration: 14 months

Ideal for: Analysts and intermediate-to-advanced users of spreadsheets in need of more efficient and powerful tools for working with data on a regular basis.

Build your organisation’s data analytics and Python capabilities at scale with our Level 4 Data Analyst Apprenticeship. Equip your employees with the technical skill set to extract, manipulate and visualise data, empowering them to answer complex questions and drive strategic value.

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Learner outcomes:

  • Use Python programming and data analysis tools such as Pandas and Numpy to create insights that can drive commercial decision-making
  • Use data visualisation to summarise, present and make recommendations from the results of data analysis

Organisation outcomes:

  • Make commercial decisions informed by impactful data analysis
  • Reduce costs through automation of manual processes and increased staff productivity


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Level 4 Data Engineer Apprenticeship

Programme duration: 14 months

Ideal for: Professionals reskilling into data engineering roles to create and maintain data analytics pipelines.

Help your organisation fully utilise data by upskilling and reskilling staff in key data infrastructure. Launched in November 2022, the Data Engineer Apprenticeship uses the UK's Level 4 Data Analyst standard and teaches learners skills in Python, SQL, data modelling approaches, software testing, git, CI/CD and DevOps mindset.

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Learner outcomes:

  • Understand the data engineering lifecycle and the role of a data engineer
  • Develop the technical skills to create and maintain data analytics pipelines
  • Understand the fundamentals of data modelling, its best practices and why it is important
  • Effectively work with stakeholders to define and translate business requirements to a data model and data pipeline

Organisation outcomes:

  • Train new talent and reskill existing employees with one of the most in-demand technical skillsets
  • Develop key internal capabilities to increase the usability of critical datasets in your organisation


Level 4 Digital Business Analyst Apprenticeship

Programme duration: 14 months

Ideal for: Employees able to analyse workflows and working practices or business or user needs with the aim of introducing digital and data-driven products, approaches or tools.

Cambridge Spark's Level 4 Digital Business Analyst Apprenticeship equips you with the skills needed to successfully drive digital solutions in your organisation. This programme uses the UK's Level 4 Business Analyst apprenticeship standard and focuses not only on analysis and visualisation, but also on digital leadership, change management and more.

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Learner outcomes:

  • Use industry standard methodologies and frameworks for business analysis, including Agile
  • Change management and leading digital transformation
  • Identify opportunities for digital and data-driven solutions
  • Understand key digital and data-driven technologies such as Data Science, Cloud and AI

Organisation outcomes:

  • Implement product management practices across digital projects
  • Accelerate digital transformation by upskilling your workforces


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Level 7 Data Science and AI Apprenticeship

Programme duration: 15 months

Ideal for: Professionals with a background in data or programming (Python) as well as linear algebra and statistics, looking to develop predictive models.

The skills required to deliver end-to-end data science and AI projects are complex and constantly evolving. Data science roles are now becoming more specialist, as are the tool kits used, with more demand for advanced machine learning and AI skills. Finding talent with the specific skills they need can take organisations a long time. Our Level 7 Data Science and AI Apprenticeship helps organisations like yours become more competitive in their field and stay ahead of changes in data science.

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Learner outcomes:

  • Identify and devise data-driven AI solutions to address business opportunities and customer needs
  • Use data science and AI techniques to automate and optimise business processes

Organisation outcomes:

  • Build capability to enable and deploy machine learning modelling across the organisation
  • Drive business growth with AI solutions to address opportunities
  • Reduce costs through automating and optimising manual processes

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