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Real-Life Practice on Real World Projects


Our unique learning system EDUKATE.AI accelerates your learning and impact through:

Instant Assessment - Real-time, accurate feedback to help you strengthen and improve your coding capabilities
Industry Simulation - Practise on production-ready Data Science code to solve the problems you encounter every day 
Testing Sandbox - Follow along with trainers to get hands on with code before updating real work project
Cloud Environment - No need to install programming software, easily access learning materials from your work and home environments.

AI Driven LMS with Personal Instant Feedback

Deep Technical Knowledge from the Data & AI Experts


Immediate Knowledge Building


  • Expert-Led Workshops - Virtual workshops delivered by data academics and alumni from some of the world's best Universities

  • Self-Paced Success - Harness EDUKATE.AI to follow along with trainers and get hands on with code directly from the platform

  • Easy Access - Browser-based learning environment to run coding material and projects in one place in your own time, no setup required

  • 121 Support - Final week call with trainer for specialist advice, answers to your personal questions and action plan to tackle your challenges. 

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  • Interactive Learning - Access to EDUKATE.AI for 6 months post-course completion

  • Continuous Improvement - Post-course access to assignments and case studies to apply your knowledge to your own challenges

  • Knowledge Sharing - Invitations to networking events and industry insights sessions with Data & AI leaders

  • Learner Community - Join the Cambridge Spark virtual and in-person communities to get help from and share knowledge with your peers and experts.


Training Programmes Developed by World-Leading Data Scientists & Academics


As Data & AI specialists, Cambridge Spark combine the best of traditional teaching with tech-enabled innovation. Whatever your data challenges, our blended training is designed for immediate impact.

Working with one of the most in-demand languages, Python developers are some of the highest-paid in the world. Demand for Python skills has increased 41% year-on-year, and will continue to create a wealth of career opportunities for skilled professionals. 

Choose the course to fit your knowledge gaps:

Python for Data Analysis

Mastering Machine Learning with Python

Time Series Analysis with Python

Python and Pandas Essentials
Machine Learning Foundations
Foundations of Time Series Analysis
Advanced Data Manipulation with Python
Supervised Learning Deep Dive
Time Series Forecasting
Data Visualisation with Python
Advanced Machine Learning Techniques
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Apply world-leading knowledge to your problems

Hit the Ground Running

24/7 feedback for immediate improvement

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Upskill without impacting your projects and tasks

Connect with Specialists

Lifelong knowledge sharing with our community.


Meet Your Trainers

Baylor Brangers Data AI Coach

Baylor Brangers

After a career in physics and astrophysics, Baylor made the switch to neuroscience, earning a PhD in Systems and Computational Neuroscience at the Champalimaud Center for the Unknown. Baylor previously held roles as a research scientist at Columbia University and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. In addition to academia, Baylor has worked as a programmer for Jane Street Capital and as an electrical engineer for Teledyne-Lecroy.

Currently a teaching fellow at Cambridge Spark, Baylor instructs in Machine Learning, Data Science and Python, leveraging his diverse background to guide students across industries toward becoming proficient data scientists. Passionate about teaching, he is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their data science goals, whether it involves programming in Python or mastering cutting-edge neural networks.

Computer Science IT Teacher Data Analyst Expert

Courtney David

As a data scientist with a unique blend of technical and analytical skills, Courtney leverages her expertise in Python, SQL, Machine Learning and Data Visualization to uncover insights and drive decision-making. Courtney harnesses her proficiency for Data Storytelling and a deep understanding of product dynamics to equip learners to handle complex data challenges.

Her experience as a computer science and IT teacher for eight years enhanced Courtney’s ability to communicate intricate concepts to diverse groups across skills and knowledge levels. Courtney is passionate about using data to create human-centric solutions & drive societal change.

Darshana Edirisinghe Data AI Training Specialist

Darshana Edirisinghe

Darshana achieved no fewer than 12 computer science diplomas and qualifications himself before training the next generation of the UK's IT workforce. Particularly passionate about Big Data and IT Security technologies, Darshana is continually upgrading his own skills across Data Scientist Advanced Analytics, Network Security and Certified Ethical Hacking.

With several years of experience in IT Education and Management, Darshana balances excellent interpersonal and communication skills with enthusiasm, energy and drive to introduce new ideas and develop new strategies.

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