A full-stack skills solution for digital and data funded by the UK Apprenticeship Levy

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One apprentice can create real business impact

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£1.4m revenue

identified through data-driven insights

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£120,000 saved

by creating efficiencies

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90% shorter project times

achieved through automations

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5x faster ML model training

achieved through automations

Digital skills to accelerate business outcomes

Interested in becoming a learner yourself or upskilling your team in digital skills that will bring real impact to your organisation?
Whether you or your team are just starting to leverage data and need to build basic data skills, or you're an experienced data scientist and want to excel with advanced machine learning, Cambridge Spark have a data programme fit for you.

A combination of expert faculty, peer and one-on-one support and instant assignment feedback from our elearning platform empower learners to quickly deploy their new data skills at work.
All programmes are fully publicly funded for most organisations--so there's no cost to you or your employer.

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Delivery and learner support designed to maximise impact

We deliver all of our programmes online, helping our clients offer flexible and inclusive programmes open to all of their staff. We believe that the gold standard for online delivery is to offer a mix of experiential learning, coaching, technical mentorship and peer support.

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24/7 immediate feedback

EDUKATE.AI is our learning platform designed for data science education which gives learners immediate and personalised feedback on their code.
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Fast skills deployment

Learners apply their skills to real datasets from their first day of learning, with assignments on EDUKATE.AI simulating a working industry environment.
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Tailored expert curriculum

A modular curriculum developed with leading experts from academia and industry to meet all skills needs in an organisation.

Peer support

Engagement and support from peers through Knowledge Base, our Q&A feature built into EDUKATE.AI.

Easy set up

Our cloud-based platform requires no installation or set-up for our learners, with their content available whenever they need it.
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Powering skills development in Data Science

EDUKATE.AI is our online learning platform that simulates a real working environment and provides immediate and personalised feedback on learner’s code, accelerating and gamifying their learning experience.
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