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Accelerating the Data Science Capabilities of Financial Services World Leaders

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Fast Data Skills Acquisition for Immediate Impact


Traditional desk-side training from existing employees is costly, time-consuming and fails to instill long-term skills. Graduate Bootcamps unburden your former graduates from teaching responsibilities, and start building practical abilities from the very first training session.

AI-powered instant assessment from learning platform EDUKATE.AI drives real-time improvement. Combine flexible online learning, live virtual instructor-led training and personal tutor support to set your graduates up for 24/7 skill development.

Intensive bootcamp training takes learners from novice to working practitioner level in a matter of weeks. Upskill your newest recruits 3 times faster* with the Data & AI Specialists.


*Based on Banking Customer Impact Report 2023

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Design Your Bootcamp
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Build an Expert Data Science Team from Scratch


Bootcamps equip your newest recruits with all of the essential tools to excel in a Data Science role. Graduates will learn to:

  • Harness Python for a range of Data Science and Machine Learning tasks

  • Perform thorough Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Spearhead analysis through Structured vs Unstructured Machine Learning, and Supervised vs Unsupervised Machine Learning

  • Build and maintain supervised ML models (Regression and Classification)

  • Use cutting-edge techniques to design explainable models that drive business change.

Bespoke Curriculum Tailored to Your Business Needs

Bootcamp content is designed in partnership with you to address your organisation's challenges, however Data skills taught in the programme can include: 

  • Analytics

  • Advanced Predictive Analytics

  • Big Data

  • Cleaning & Preparing

  • Communications

  • Databases

  • Engineering to Productionise Data

  • Ensembles and Explainability

  • Machine Learning & AI

  • Maths for Data Science (Statistics, Probability)

  • Python for Programming

  • Software Engineering

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Storytelling

  • SQL

  • Time Series Analysis

  • Tools for Developers (Git, Packaging)

  • Visualisation

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 of Bootcamp Graduates report learning new tools which empower a higher value-add for their analyses


of Bootcamp Graduates report that they use the new techniques learned on the programme every week


of 2023 and 2024 bootcamp graduates report an increase in skill level

Create the Next Generation of Data Scientists


Whilst there are no specific degree requirements, Graduate Data Science Bootcamps most effectively upskill:

  • Recent BSc, MSc or PhD graduates across Maths, Science, Data Science and Computer Science

  • Data Analysts

  • Junior ML Engineers

Bootcamps also upskill professionals across disciplines with experience in non-technical roles, who nurture a passion for tech and knowledge of maths. In mere months, graduates harness the expertise to transition to their next career stage, whether into Data Science or Machine Learning, specialism or management.

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Harness Industry-Leading Skills

Our course content maps against the high practitioner standards recognised by industry bodies including:

  • The Association of Data Scientists

  • The Institute of Analytics (IoA)

  • The Alliance for Data Science Professionals.

Bootcamps are created and led by world-leading Data Scientists, who share the latest practical knowledge and teach cutting-edge skills through live virtual sessions.

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Prepare Your Data Team for the Future of Finance

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Quality Knowledge Acquisition

All graduates across locations, functions and experience levels emerge with a consistently high standard of knowledge

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Immediate Impact

Through intensive upskilling in short time scales and 24/7 AI-driven assessment, graduates hit the ground running to affect positive change in mere weeks

Graduate Data Science Banking Images (5)Long-Term Added Value

Expert-created course content produces specialised Data Scientists whose continuous development generates organisational value for years to come 

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Transferrable Skills

Incorporating the most popular and widely adopted tools and techniques, all skills are applicable to other technologies and projects, equipping graduates to tackle future challenges



Upskilling Data Science Graduates for a Top 3 UK Banking Group

The Problem

The Bank’s highly competitive two-year Data Science Graduate Scheme runs nationwide with hubs in London, Bristol, Edinburgh and the North West. The scheme is a key talent pipeline supplying the Bank with its future Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers.

However, attracting the best and most diverse talent means removing any candidate requirements for knowledge of Machine Learning, Computer Science and standard industry tools like Python. Graduates join the scheme lacking the most valuable skills they will need to succeed in their roles day-to-day and for the next few years.

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The Challenge

  • Quality & Consistency - The nationwide scheme provides distinct cohorts who require the same high standard of teaching across locations

  • Diversity - Learners span a wide range of backgrounds, from Advanced Artificial Intelligence Degrees to those with zero knowledge of coding or Machine Learning

  • Time Pressures - Graduates must complete several rotations across key areas of the Bank as soon as possible to align with ways of working, but rotations can only begin once graduates meet the required level of Data skills.

The Solution

  • Fast Upskilling Bespoke to the Bank’s Needs - Cambridge Spark created a Graduate Bootcamp that would provide rapid upskilling in Data Science. Intensive training from Data & AI experts ensured that all graduates completed the programme able to understand and add value to the Bank’s Data ecosystem.

  • Bespoke Content for all Skill Levels - A blended learning approach combined live virtual training with tutor-supported in-person sessions and self-directed e-learning. The training mix both supported content for those with less data-focused backgrounds, and stretched the knowledge and skills of those with prior experience.

  • Personal Learning Experience to Maximise Development - The core curriculum was consistent across live and in-person sessions for all location cohorts, ensuring all graduates received high quality training alongside the right level of support tailored to their needs.

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The Cambridge Spark Difference

Top 5

Data & AI industry experts and World Top 5 University alumni


Voted the UK's #1 AI Course of 2023 and UK IT Industry Awards winners


Data and AI Specialists trained


Merit & Distinction Rate


NPS Score: Rated excellent by learners

FTSE 100

Delivering data-driven impact to the FTSE 100 and leading institutions 

Recommended by Data Specialists across Financial Services

The hands-on application of the course contents was a surprise Unlike other courses, we learnt theory and concepts, and our assignments were extracted from real world scenarios.The transition from paper and theory to actual real life implementation is a big distinguishing point.

Kevin Cassar, Technical Specialist in the Advanced Analytics and Data Science Unit of the FCA

'I've gained valuable insights into interpretability and explainability, equipping me with tools & methodologies for efficient, scalable Data Science projects. The training has been instrumental in elevating my proficiency across Data Science, from statistical analysis to effective communication and software engineering.'

Data Scientist, Top 3 UK Bank

‘The opportunity and guidance to explore different areas of Machine Learning has been fantastic. Because the course project is work-based, I can see the impact of what I’m learning directly at work.

Jamie Southchurch, Aviva Quantum Data Scientist 


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