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September 2024

One data apprentice can create real business impact

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£1.4m revenue

identified through data-driven insights

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£120,000 saved

by creating efficiencies

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90% shorter project times

achieved through automations

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5x faster ML model training

achieved through automations

Build capability to create and maintain key data infrastructure

Want to train new talent and reskill existing employees with one of the most in-demand technical skillsets? Develop key internal capabilities to raise the usability of critical datasets in your organisation. Cambridge Spark's Level 5 Data Engineer Apprenticeship equips learners with core technical and leadership skills.

In turn, learners are able to support business functions in creating and maintaining data analytics pipelines. They build the skillset to access data in their organisation and gain an understanding of the data engineering lifecycle, data modelling and more to help organisations maximise the value of their data.

Leaners will also have the opportunity to join guest talks on technical updates from leading technology providers like Google Cloud Platform and Databricks.

Enhance your team's forecasting abilities with advanced time series analysis

Whether it’s quarterly sales data, stock prices, automated inventory trading, or even weather data, time series data is all around us. And working with time series data is a crucial skillset for data practitioners. Ideal for those aiming to refine inventory forecasts, predict market trends, or understand user behaviour, this course offers a direct route to mastering sophisticated time series analysis techniques with Python.

Participants begin the course by learning the foundations, including preprocessing steps for time series data in Python and Pandas, and thinking about time series data as consisting of a trend component, a seasonal component, and observational noise. From there, they explore various core modelling and forecasting techniques they can leverage including ARMA, SARIMAX, Exponential smoothing, and the approach taken in the Python library, Prophet.

Through practical application, your team will master the intricacies of financial markets, supply chain dynamics, consumer behaviour, and product usage trends. This hands-on experience not only enhances strategic decision-making but also significantly contributes to your organisation's overall success.

Hear from Jonathan Wagstaff, Group Head of Business Intelligence at Exertis

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Hear from Jonathan Wagstaff, Group Head of Business Intelligence at Exertis

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Jonathan Wagstaff
Data apprenticeships enable myself and my team to keep up-to-date with the latest.


This course is designed for

Professionals working with, and looking to refine their skills in handling time series data, in their role. 

Requirements for this course

  • Basic understanding of Python syntax and data structures
  • Familiarity with data cleaning and processing libraries in Python, such as Pandas and Numpy
  • Basic understanding of machine learning, and specifically the following concepts: linear regression, training and testing, and overfitting
  • Familiarity with data visualisation in Python, particularly Matplotlib

What makes our programme special

Our courses are delivered entirely online through EDUKATE.AI, our cloud-based learning platform. This format ensures your team can enhance their skills without disrupting their daily responsibilities. EDUKATE.AI offers a dynamic sandbox environment for practical skill application, complete with immediate feedback on assignments that mirror real industry challenges. We prioritise a holistic learning experience, combining hands-on practice, expert guidance, and community support to set the standard for online professional development.

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Real-World Practice for Accelerated Impact

EDUKATE.AI provides a sandbox environment where participants can practice new skills on real assignments. This accelerates the impact they can make in your team, allowing them to immediately apply what they've learned.
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Our online learning platform gives participants a seamless learning experience with in-browser access to course slides, workshop recordings, quizzes and practical assignments. Immediate feedback helps them gauge their progress effectively.
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Expert Curriculum

Our curriculum develops the skills to thrive in a data-driven team. Participants will learn the latest concepts and tools essential to analysing data to generating valuable forecasting from your data.
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Flexible Fully Online Learning

Our programme is fully online, giving maximum flexibility for participants and their employers alike. Participants can access their content from anywhere, with no set up or installation of EDUKATE.AI required.
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Joining our programme means becoming part of a thriving community of thousands of data professionals. Participants are given the opportunity to tap into this rich network of peers and alumni and benefit from the expertise and experience of others in the field.

A real-world learning experience is our learning experience platform which delivers a seamless experience in one place, and accelerates learning and impact through real practice on real projects with immediate personalised feedback on code.
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The Curriculum

Our curriculum is developed by our leading faculty, composed of data scientists in leading industry positions and academics from some of the top universities in the world

We take a modular approach to how we offer our curriculum. This course includes the below module and is a mix of e-learning content, such as Jupyter notebooks and instructional videos, as well as live workshops.

We continuously update the curriculum and reiterate to incorporate the latest, in-demand skills for competitive industry.

Core Modules

Participants dive into the core concepts of time series analysis. This module provides a solid foundation your team will need when dealing with time series data in Python.

Topics covered include:
  • Introduction to Time Series
  • Data Preprocessing for Time Series
Number of workshops: 1
Number of assignments: 1

Participants expand their expertise in analysing time-series data by exploring a variety of forecasting models and techniques in this module.

Topics covered include:
  • Autoregressive models
  • Exponential smoothing
  • Introduction to forecasting with Prophet
Number of workshops: 2
Number of assignments: 3

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What support will my team have access to throughout the course?

Apart from instructor guidance within the workshops themselves, participants benefit from peer interaction and support within the online learning platform EDUKATE.AI. They can also benefit from a one-on-one call with a trainer/mentor to guide the next steps of their upskilling journey after completing the course.

How will participants learn?

We take a blended approach to delivering our curriculum, which means participants learn through a combination of live, instructor-led interactive workshops, and self-led practical assignments where they get to put the concepts that they learned to practice.

Is this course eligible for public funding?

No, this course is instead funded directly by the learners themselves or their employers.

In funding the course directly, your team benefits from a curriculum designed with specific learning outcomes achieved over a shorter learning period and without the restrictions attached to some publicly funded options.

Please consider our longer Apprenticeships or Skills Bootcamps if you're interested in government-funded programmes.

How long does the course take to complete?

The course includes about 11 hours of live workshops spread over 3 sessions, with one session per week for 3 weeks.

What if participants can't attend one or more live sessions?

Participants are free to attend the live sessions at will. Recordings will be available on the learning platform EDUKATE to access throughout the course. But we highly recommend attending all live sessions to get the most out of the course.

Are there technology requirements for participation in this course?

Participants will need  a web browser on their computer to access our learning platform, EDUKATE.AI, which hosts all our content. They will not need to install any software on their computer.
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