Our Mission

We are an education technology company that enables corporate and government organisations to achieve their business goals by educating their workforce with critical data transformation skills to succeed in the AI era.
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Our Story

We believe that AI is fundamentally transforming the way organisations operate, but to take advantage of this, organisations need to transform their workforce capability. We are passionate about providing data and AI skills programmes that build the capability to develop the infrastructure, systems and data to see the return on investment in AI.

We recognise that AI has the potential to revolutionise the way we work and the way organisations operate. To capitalise on this opportunity, workforce capabilities must be skillfully transformed and elevated. Driven by passion, we deliver cutting-edge data skills programmes that empower people and teams to develop modern infrastructure, systems, and data processes that unlock real return on investment in AI. 

We work with leading multinational employers to upskill their workforces, with our online programmes being delivered to learners globally, including in London, New York and Hong Kong.

The company is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with an office and an educational campus in King Cross, London.


What makes us different?

Customer Focus
Our platform makes a great difference but our relationships make an even greater one: we are committed to delivering great customer experience. We work with openness, transparency and have fun along the way.
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The Gold Standard
We are experts in our field and constantly developing our technology and offering. We set the benchmark in our industry: both in what we offer customers and in how we deliver it.
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Our People

Cambridge Spark is made up of a team who are passionate about changing people's lives and careers through education. The team come from a diverse range of backgrounds, bringing experience from some of the largest tech companies in the world, high-growth startups and well-known training providers. Cambridge Spark has an educational campus and office in Kings Cross, London, with most of the team working remotely across the country.

The team is supported by the Cambridge Spark Faculty, our network of more than 50 expert lecturers and tutors drawn from top universities and leading data-driven organisations.

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Powering skills development in Data Science

EDUKATE.AI is our online learning platform that simulates a real working environment and provides immediate and personalised feedback on learner’s code, accelerating and gamifying their learning experience.
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Careers at Cambridge Spark