Powering skills development in data science and AI


EDUKATE® is our proprietary AI-powered learning and assessment platform for upskilling in Data Science.

For organisations educating their workforce for data science and AI, EDUKATE.AI is an innovative solution to upskilling employees at scale. Students access their learning content and assignments through the platform, providing an environment to experiment with their new skills on practical programming assignments.

What makes EDUKATE.AI unique is that it's focused on production-ready Data Science code rather than ‘toy’ learning examples and exercises. The platform simulates a real working environment with learners using the tools that a data scientist would use in industry.

EDUKATE.AI provides immediate and personalised feedback and recommendations on learner’s code, accelerating and gamifying their learning experience. The feedback supports learners in their independent study, helping them advance as far as possible before calling on a tutor for further support. The feedback is available at all times, allowing our learners to receive constant, ongoing support on their programming whenever they need it.

It is powered by K.A.T.E.®, our proprietary code assessment engine.

What is K.A.T.E.® ?

K.A.T.E.® (or Knowledge Assessment Teaching Engine) is the smart 24/7 code tutor behind EDUKATE.AI. It is developed by Cambridge Spark and is supported by Innovate UK, the UK government’s innovation agency. KATE integrates research in source code analysis, compilers and recommender systems. KATE’s purpose is to provide highly personalised code feedback and diagnostics to learners within an industry simulated environment.