From Data Analyst to Data Scientist

Helping individuals upskill and become more employable is at the heart of what we do. Our part-time, Applied Data Science Bootcamp provides individuals with a comprehensive, structured programme to learn the necessary skills to become a data scientist. 

Whether they want to apply Machine Learning techniques at work, leverage data science in their start-up, or make a transition to a new job. This programme is an opportunity to get started as a data scientist, without requiring a full-time commitment.

Tola and Marta are two of our Applied Data Science Bootcamp students who are already seeing the results of their training. Explore their stories below in two insightful videos.



I would say I’m in a very different place, without this course I would not have landed my new job as a Data Scientist.” 

- Tola Alade, Data Scientist

Explore Tola's Story




It’s been a really interesting experience… from knowing literally nothing about Python, to building my own models and applying them at work”

- Marta Rodríguez Martínez, Compliance & Analytics Manager, Microsoft BI

Explore Marta's Story



If you are a professional looking to upskill in Data Science and Machine Learning, check out our webinar series for an introduction to some essential techniques.

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