Webinar: Exploring Data Citizen Level 3 Apprenticeship with London Local Authorities

The sheer volume of data being generated by councils is becoming increasingly difficult to absorb and interpret. Do your teams have the skills and the confidence to work with data effectively in their day-to-day roles?
Addressing the data skills gaps doesn't have to be a challenge. Join our webinar on Tuesday 22nd February at 12pm which focuses on the requirement for upskilling users across London Councils and the different ways that the Level 3 Data Citizen Apprenticeship can achieve this.
This session is being offered to new or existing Council or County Council employees to increase data capability at a user level, improve ability and confidence to work with data to build data knowledge and skills for the future. 

In this session, you will gain insight and information on the L3 Data Citizen Programme.

Explore this programme to determine whether it's right for you or members of your team. Cambridge Spark’s Data Citizen Apprenticeship teaches your workforce the core concepts, skills and tools we need to be data-driven and independent in our work. 

This session will include a Q&A where we will invite you to share your thoughts on how this programme could be used to add value to your organisation.

Who should join this event?

This event is designed for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn about the Level 3 Data Citizen programme for themselves or their team.
  • Employees working in any role or team that uses data. For example, working with spreadsheets, creating value from data and improving productivity.
  • Employees looking to build confidence and technical skills to work with data effectively.
  • Employees that want to progress into more technical, data-driven roles.


What will the event cover?

  • The content and delivery of a Level 3 Data Citizen programme.
  • Identifying the need across the London Councils for upskilling at a User level.
  • How to register for the May 2022 cohort.

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