Cambridge Spark’s Level 7 Data Scientist Apprenticeship equips learners with the skills to devise data-driven AI solutions to business problems and optimise business processes. Claudio Toledo, Head of Project Management at Colart, started the apprenticeship in October 2020.

Claudio is Head of Project Management at Colart, a global market leader for supplying art materials. His team is responsible for delivering strategic projects, defining a framework for efficiency in the organisation and ensuring communication and engagement with stakeholders for data-driven initiatives. AI and data is key to Claudio and the business strategy.

“AI is one of the pillar strategies that we are pursuing - creating a data pipeline, scalability and a flourishing place where models can be created to resolve business problems that are pivotal to the organisation.”

Claudio Toledo, L7 AI Data Specialist Apprentice

Investing in Data and AI initiatives

As part of this Colart have invested in various strategic initiatives for Data and AI, with a Data Steering group looking at how the company can maximise the value of existing data, as well as gathering new data to drive more strategic insights. This includes building AI products that can be prototyped and piloted in the business. 

For Claudio the 15-month apprenticeship is an opportunity to learn the necessary skills and knowledge to support this strategy, with modules including Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning. One goal for Claudio in doing the apprenticeship is to be able to understand and manage the AI product journey from start to finish.

“I am passionate about AI. I would like to break into AI projects, not only using my expertise in governance project management, but also learn the skills to have a great grasp on the whole product journey. It’s amazing the power that AI has to transform businesses and I want to be part of it.”  

Claudio Toledo, L7 AI Data Specialist Apprentice

Claudio is particularly interested in Computer Vision (covered in the Deep Learning module) and Time Series, which are directly relevant to the business projects he is currently working on.

A core aspect of doing an apprenticeship is learning at work and being able to apply skills immediately to work-based projects. Cambridge Spark programmes bring together academic and industry experts to help learners understand how AI and machine learning skills can be applied in a business.

“Cambridge Spark has been a tremendous partner helping create knowledge from all the information throughout the course with great tutors and mentors.”

Claudio Toledo, L7 AI Data Specialist Apprentice

After 4 months on the programme, Claudio is already seeing how his new skills are helping tackle business problems and supporting his career development.

“It’s helping to build the necessary skills to build and resolve business problems using AI. At the company we are encouraged to work in a fearless environment, where we learn from mistakes and have support to implement ideas. The skills I am learning from Cambridge Spark are highly connected to my goals and the company’s goals. I truly believe we will achieve great things together.”

Claudio Toledo, L7 AI Data Specialist Apprentice

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