Webinar: Data Saves Lives - How Apprenticeships in Data Can Work for your Trust

Data remains one of the NHS's top priorities in the Year of the Digital Profession. Data's intelligence and insight have the potential to reshape the industry and, ultimately, improve quality of care.

Cambridge Spark, in collaboration with the NHS Leadership Academy and NHS Project Futures (HPCA), among others, has been delivering data apprentices to trusts across the country to help improve data skills and support the Long Term Plan.

This webinar, hosted by Cambridge Spark and featuring guest speakers from NHS apprentice managers and live learners, explores a selection of the most commonly asked questions about apprenticeships and help you understand why data is so important, particularly in healthcare.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Welcome from Cambridge Spark and Guest speaker introductions
  • Discussing the perceived challenges of apprenticeships in the NHS/ Healthcare
  • How does data fluency support effectiveness and efficiency

Who should join this event?

  • Apprenticeship leads and L&D managers keen to understand how data apprenticeships can support the wider workforce
  • Managers of teams working with data at all levels
  • Managers looking to understand how to build technical skills within departments and work with data effectively

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