Webinar: Digital Careers in Healthcare - Retaining Talent with Training

Training is frequently mentioned as a significant incentive in a professional's career and should be viewed as a vital aspect of development conversations, as stated in the NHS Employers 2022 handbook - Improving Staff Retention.

As a result, when training is provided, employees feel invested in, engaged with, and devoted to their careers. In an organisation as large as the NHS, it is becoming increasingly important to assist professionals in developing their skills, with data being one of the primary areas of focus and popularity.

With 'digital transformation' at the forefront of change, we've gathered various programmes to assist technical leaders in upskilling and retaining employees in digital and data capabilities.

This webinar, hosted by Cambridge Spark and featuring guest speakers from Health Education England and the Health Project Change Association (HPCA), will cover current training and apprenticeship programmes, how they might benefit your teams, and examples of how this has helped others.

Webinar Agenda:

  • The importance of data within the NHS
  • Careers & retention
  • How training can help retain talented people
  • The benefits of apprenticeships
  • The future of training in the NHS

Who should join this webinar?

  • CDO's, CIO's, CFO's & other technical leads looking for upskilling or reskilling opportunities to help grow & retain talent
  • Professionals leading digital transformation projects
  • HR & L&D Professionals that want to understand what's available for those looking at data careers

This webinar will take place Thursday 8th December, 12pm-1pm


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