Webinar: The Level 3 NHS Data Citizen Apprenticeship

Cambridge Spark has partnered with the NHS Leadership Academy to deliver the NHS Data Citizen Apprenticeship. The programme, designed to build essential data and leadership skills across the NHS, comprises the Cambridge Spark Level 3 Data Citizen Apprenticeship with the Edward Jenner leadership programme. 

The sheer volume of data being generated and managed by healthcare professionals is becoming increasingly difficult to absorb and interpret. Do you and your teams have the skills and the confidence to work with data effectively in your day-to-day roles?

Addressing the data skills gaps doesn't have to be a challenge. Join our webinar on Tuesday 15th March at 11am which focuses on the apprenticeship and the different ways that this programme addresses both the data and the leadership skills that are essential for NHS employees across all roles.

The NHS Data Citizen Apprenticeship is designed for apprentices to understand the importance of leadership and how to approach their work with a data-driven mindset, helping them to communicate using data and understand the value of data.

In this session, you will gain insight and information on the NHS Data Citizen programme.

Who should join this event?

This event is designed for:

  • Apprenticeship or L&D professionals in the NHS who want to learn more about the programme and how it can benefit their workforce.
  • Team leaders and line managers who want to build data and leadership skills within their teams.
  • Any NHS employees looking to upskill themselves and future-proof their careers with essential data and leadership skills.

What will the event cover?

  • The NHS Leadership Academy & Cambridge Spark partnership.
  • The content and delivery of the apprenticeship.
  • Case study: Building key data and leadership skills in the NHS.

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We are excited to announce that due to the high demand for our NHS Level 3 Data Citizen apprenticeship, we have decided to launch an additional cohort in March.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.

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