Webinar: Building Data Skills Capability Within Small, Fast Growing Companies

The sheer volume of data being generated by small businesses is becoming increasingly difficult to absorb and interpret. Do your sales, operations, HR and finance teams have the skills to analyse and understand what your data is telling you?
Data driven decisions contribute significantly to profitability and growth, so ambitious enterprises are assessing the data skills levels within their teams.
Addressing the gaps doesn't have to be a challenge. By partnering with a data skills specialist like Cambridge Spark, we can guide you through the processes of accessing government funding for employees to attend data programmes. We can help achieve your business goals by training anyone in the company to easily manage large volumes of information, confidently.

Whether it's Data Literacy, Data Analysis, Data Science or Machine Learning, we can upskill your teams and deliver data-driven mindsets. Join this webinar to find out how you can benefit.

Who should join this event?

This event is designed for:

  • apprenticeship or L&D professionals in small, fast growing companies who want to learn how data capability can benefit their workforce.
  • team leaders and line managers who want to build data and leadership skills in their teams.
  • employees looking to upskill themselves and future-proof their careers with data and leadership skills.


What will the event cover?

  • Data skills, data-driven mindsets and Cambridge Spark data capability partnerships.
  • The content and delivery of data skills programmes.
  • How to access and how to benefit from government funding.
  • How to register for the February 2022 cohort.

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