Transformation driven by data

We accelerate digital transformation by developing professionals that can lead and manage the adoption of new technologies like AI, including implementation of platforms, systems and digital products.

The programmes are developed for employees working in new or existing roles that are helping organisations transform to adapt to new technologies, such as Product, Transformation and Change roles. We deliver the programmes with a focus on understanding the impact of the new technologies with a particular focus on AI, adopting a user-centric approach to change and building a data mindset to ensure that digital transformation is driven by data.


Why Cambridge Spark?

Cambridge Spark is an education technology company on a mission to accelerate impactful professional education in technology.

First in our field

As the first providers of an AI apprenticeship, we have pioneered digital skills programmes to succeed with AI, offering a full-stack solution for data and digital skills.
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Unique learning platform

Powered by EDUKATE.AI, which simulates an industry environment with immediate feedback on code - EDUKATE.AI has provided more than 550,000 pieces of unique feedback to our learners.
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Bespoke delivery model

A learner support model designed for digital skills, with unique roles of Data Mentor and Learner Success Coach.
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Guaranteed ROI

Proven return on investment with more than £300m confirmed value for our clients to date.
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