Discover how Cambridge Spark helped them with a bespoke big data processing course using PySpark.

Starcount is a data science consultancy focused on the next stage of exploring consumer habits and motivations enabling brands to make decisions based on dynamic data, patterns of buying and social media activity. They provide to their clients deep levels of insights and help brands tailor their strategies to achieve great engagement with existing and prospective customers. But there’s always room for improvement.

Unlocking capacity with PySpark

Starcount's data scientists explore and identify the drivers and motivations of consumers to reveal the best route to engage with them in ways that drive sustainable growth and profits for brands.

Their team were experts in using Python to build advanced models for clients, but their understanding of PySpark was limited.

They knew they could optimise their code by advancing their understanding of the PySpark environment.

Moving everyone to the Spark Python API (PySpark) would unlock the capacity to analyse staggering quantities of consumer data faster than ever before.

But to access that speed and scalability, they needed to standardise their in-house expertise.

Levelling up together

Starcount’s data science consultancy and engineering teams attended a two-day big data and PySpark data science course. Complemented by our proprietary K.A.T.E.® platform, we set out to achieve three goals:

  • Bring everyone up to the same level of skill
  • Enable everyone to understand the reasoning behind best practice with big data processing using Spark
  • Engrain that best practice into the team’s daily routine

Our friendly, knowledgeable tutor provided something they couldn’t get from their vast catalogue of online resources: a deep knowledge of computer science theory and industry context.

The hands-on nature of Cambridge Spark training let the team fuse that theory with practice in an open, collaborative environment. This meant they closed the skillset gap fast, leaving nobody behind.

Result: Confident collaboration

Starcount now have the shared confidence to apply PySpark to the demands of their roles.

Their team enjoy the freedom and flexibility to push forward, developing ever more efficient services and products to connect clients with consumers.

The course was very well structured; I really liked the core concept and the background to how it works. It’s actually really complex and quite hard, but here I think everyone got it. The instructor explained it very well because he understood it, he was able to talk about the presentation not just repeat what was on slides. That side of things was really good, fully understanding all the details of how things work in the background.-Senior Data Scientist, Starcount

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About Starcount

Starcount partners with enterprises to embed a customer-first and data-driven approach to decision making throughout their organisation. In working with them to create a data culture, they will provide a powerful case for change, the emotional drivers of customer behaviour and crucially the tools and capacity to change and deliver sustainable growth.

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