Niveay Thurairatnam is a Data Scientist in the Threat Intelligence department at Mimecast, who started the Level 7 AI Data Specialist Apprenticeship in October 2020.

Mimecast is a leading provider of Cyber Security software, globally. Thousands of Mimecast clients rely on their data security solutions to protect them from cybersecurity threats so they can stay safe, remain compliant and keep their businesses running without fear of an attack-based shutdown or reduction in services. Data Science and AI capability is a skill set that has become crucial to scaling the Mimecast business. By investing in AI and Data Science, not only can Mimecast optimise the solutions offered to their clients, but they can improve their own cyber resilience by training their teams to be as well versed in AI as the people who want to use AI proficiency against them.

To build this capability, Mimecast has partnered with Cambridge Spark; specialists in AI and Data Science skills and education. Upskilling staff to ensure that they have the skills needed to support the organisation's data transformation is a cornerstone of Mimecast's data strategy.

Niveay Thurairatnam, Data Scientist at Mimecast, took part in the Data Scientist Academy (funded by the Level 7 AI Data Specialist apprenticeship standard) and shares the experience and impact that the Data Scientist Academy had on his career and across his team.

I support a team of 10 Data Analysts working on threat intelligence at Mimecast. My role involves collecting and analysing large data sets from different sources so it can be cleaned and analysed to provide insights. Learning how to automate and optimise this process has been invaluable ”

Niveay Thurairatnam, Data Scientist

Despite only being part-way through his 18 month course, Niveay was able to start applying his new skills in SQL and NoSQL data structures and machine learning techniques immediately. For Niveay, the Academy was an opportunity to develop his skills so he could progress his data science career. For Mimecast, an investment in the learning and development of their staff reduces churn, motivates their teams and helps them to bridge any cyber-skills skills gaps.

After studying the Cambridge Spark Time Series Analysis module, Niveay feedback about detecting anomalies using time series graphs has already been incorporated by the business. His automated alerts are supporting customers by adding them to the functionality of their products

I have a background in technology, having previously worked as an IT consultant. My ambitions have always been to work in Data Science, and where possible to gain an expert level of understanding in this field. This is my first role in Data Science. One of the biggest benefits has been that Cambridge Spark opened my eyes to the gaps in my knowledge that I have been able to identify and improve on"

Niveay Thurairatnam, Data Scientist

The Level 7 AI Data specialist apprenticeship has a strong focus on work-based learning, with the support of very specialised, technical Cambridge Spark mentors that support and guide the apprentices as they scope out and deliver their work-based projects. This provides Niveay with a solid, conceptual understanding of machine learning and artificial intelligence principles that can be applied to his role in an immediate and practical way.

“I thoroughly enjoy problem solving with data, finding insights and working out how data can produce the business results we need. Any programme that can provide me with a structured platform to achieve this is definitely a big win for me.”

Niveay Thurairatnam, Data Scientist

Niveay’s team has clear strategic priorities for data that his apprenticeship needed to support; including migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Data Scientist Academy includes a module on SQL which has already helped Niveay to work on this key objective. The AWS migration will provide Niveay's team with the space to scale up their existing efforts and provide data insights to every Mimecast team, and their customers for day-to-day business and problem solving.

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