Chloe Giles is a Data Compliance Administrator at Addenbrooke's Hospital and a Level 3 NHS Data Citizen Apprentice. Effective and accurate use of data is essential in Chloe's role, which covers a range of activities including reporting and compliance on test results in the hospital.  

Addenbrooke's is part of the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The hospital provides over 1100 beds, with clinical care delivered through 51 specialties with a workforce of over 11,000 people. Chloe works as a Data Compliance Administrator, a new role created to ensure accurate compliance and reporting across key activities such as processing of clinical tests. 

Chloe started the Level 3 NHS Data Citizen apprenticeship in September 2021, a unique programme designed for NHS employees and delivered by Cambridge Spark and the NHS Leadership Academy. Improving patient outcomes and efficient use of resources are two key areas that data is used to support in the NHS. Since starting the programme, Chloe has been learning skills contributing to both of these goals.  

One of the reasons I wanted to do this course is that I am so busy compiling data and setting things up, I don’t have time to think about the data. The course has made me start to think analytically about the data: why we are using it, who it is for, what is the impact. It has gotten me talking to lots of different departments and using data in different ways.”

Chloe Giles, Data Compliance Administrator

The Cambridge Spark Level 3 NHS Data Citizen Apprenticeship teaches employees about the value of data, how to tell stories with data and how to use advanced Excel techniques to work with data.

When talking to senior management you need strong clear data to show them if something is critical. I wanted to come on this course to make sure I have skills to help implement solutions I am coming up with. Using data, you start to think about issues in a different way.”

Chloe Giles, Data Compliance Administrator

Apprentices learn through live lectures and assignments. They are supported by a data mentor, a learner success coach and feedback from EDUKATE.AI, Cambridge Spark’s online learning platform which is where they access learning content and assignments.

Chloe's team processes thousands of test samples each day and Chloe works on the database which records these to ensure each test is accounted for and reported properly. This includes making sure that unknown data entries are tracked and rectified. By doing this, the database is compliant with best practice and the finance team can use the data to make sure tests from third parties have been charged correctly. Chloe also works on auditing the data sent from the hospital to GP surgeries, carrying out checks on randomised samples of data to make sure every reference range is correct. The skills from the apprenticeship have been applicable to all of Chloe's work.

I can relate everything I learn to different parts of my job. We covered standard deviation in a session today with my coach Lucy, which has made me think I can relate this to my reference range work I do in audit, as well as relating to the financial work being done on the clinical tests”

Chloe Giles, Data Compliance Administrator

In one of her apprenticeship projects, Chloe has identified a significant number of tests from third parties which the finance team will be able to charge for going forward. As a next step, Chloe will be presenting her findings to senior members of the team and the end result could be a significant new amount of revenue for the hospital. 

Everything I have done so far has been brilliant and relevant. For example, the first thing is with presenting the data. I now do all my portfolio assignments in Powerpoint. I’ve used Powerpoint before but it wasn’t an obvious one to use for presenting the data. Sometimes the best way to present data isn’t an Excel sheet.”

Chloe Giles, Data Compliance Administrator

As part of the NHS Data Citizen apprenticeship, Chloe is completing the Edward Jenner Leadership programme with the NHS Leadership Academy. She started this in module two of the apprenticeship and has already been applying what she is learning about leadership.  

We have a team of 30 staff, often booking in thousands of tests a day. This workload has increased during the pandemic. I suggested a team building day to the team and was given the responsibility to run it. As part of the Edward Jenner programme, my job was to present the idea of this team day and put it on.”

Chloe Giles, Data Compliance Administrator

Chloe successfully ran the team day, which included a quiz that helped team members identify their strengths and areas where they would benefit from training. Chloe also set up a an employee reward scheme, with the team nominating their peers for recognition of their hard work. This has helped inspire team members to want to be nominated and has boosted morale in a team which has been incredibly busy during the pandemic.

It gave me a huge new skill in leadership. This was an opportunity for me to work with the whole team and lead a project that I haven’t done before.”

Chloe Giles, Data Compliance Administrator


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