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The Data Analyst Academy

The Cambridge Spark Data Analyst Academy will equip employees with the technical skill set to empower them to extract, manipulate and visualise data, enabling organisations to answer complex questions and drive strategic value. Our modular curriculum can be tailored to your exact skills needs, with options to deliver the full learning pathways, shorter tracks curated by Cambridge Spark or pathways fully tailored to your workforce based on a skills gap analysis we can undertake for you. 

The Data Analyst Academy is designed to teach your employees the industry-leading skills needed for an employee working with data to generate insight. Employees will learn how to:

  • Programme in Python to analyse and manipulate data, using data analysis libraries such as Pandas and Numpy
  • Use SQL to work with different data formats, types and databases 
  • Visualise, present and make recommendations from data, using data visualisation tools like Power BI and Tableau and using Python libraries like Bokeh, Seaborn and Matplotlib
  • Apply Python programming in the workplace, following industry best practices to test and prototype code in a production environment 

Applicable to functions across data-driven organisations

The Data Analyst Academy is relevant to functions and teams across every organisation. Our Data Analyst Academy has benefited employees working in existing Analyst roles, but has also benefited employees working in other functions including Marketing, Finance, HR, Manufacturing and Logistics. We will work with you to identify relevant roles and functions which can benefit from the Data Analyst Academy to maximise the analytics capability of your organisation. We will then provide relevant collateral and insight sessions to help employees understand how our programmes will benefit them.

The Data Analyst Academy can advance the skillset of your team if they are:

  • Working with data on a regular basis (whether they’re generating reports, analysing data, or using spreadsheets)
  • Looking to make business decisions creating strategic insights that are backed by data
  • Looking to save time by automating the manual collation and processing of data
  • Wanting to future-proof their skill set by learning in-demand, industry-relevant skills
  • Working in a data-driven department, for example business intelligence, data assurance, data quality, finance, marketing, sales, or manufacturing

The Curriculum

What employees will learn

Our curriculum is developed by our leading Faculty, made up of data scientists in leading industry positions and academics from some of the top universities in the world. Our curriculum is continuously updated and reiterated to incorporate the most cutting-edge skills.

We take a modular approach to how we offer our curriculum. The full Data Analyst Academy learning pathway includes all of the below modules. We also have curated shorter tracks depending on your skills needs and can offer a fully tailored pathway from the below modules for groups of learners.

  • Introduction to PythonUnderstand and become familiar with Python syntax, structure and programming concepts.
  • Data Processing with PandasJoin, manipulate and summarise datasets using the Pandas library.
  • Data VisualisationLearn how to construct compelling charts and visualisations to communicate data-driven insights to technical and non-technical audiences, using libraries such as Seaborn and Bokeh.
  • Power BI and TableauGain familiarity with industry standard tools for creating interactive visualisations and business intelligence capabilities.
  • Data Science for BusinessLearn to identify practical applications and use cases for Data Science & AI that deliver and create business value.
  • Databases and SQLLearn how to use SQL languages to store, query and retrieve structured and unstructured data and interact with databases.
  • Text-mining, JSON and APIsRead and write JSON data with Python and learn automated methods for retrieving structured and unstructured data from a range of web-based sources.
  • HackathonReinforce and develop the technical knowledge, practical skills and data analyst behaviours with a halfway hackathon.
  • Maths for Data ScienceLearn the essential mathematical concepts that underpin much of the AI and Data Science domain, including probabilities, statistical significance and linear algebra.
  • Introduction to Machine LearningBuild familiarity with a wide range of essential concepts and tools required to unlock the use of different types of machine learning models and techniques.
  • Time Series AnalysisLearn to analyse and model series data with Python, Pandas and Numpy.
  • Big Data SystemsLearn to identify big data-related opportunities within an organisation and to leverage the power of distributed computing to extract value and insight at scale.
  • Data Privacy, Ethics and RegulationsLearn about key ethical, legal and regulatory issues relating to the use of data.

Our Curriculum Partners

We work with partners to create sector-specific curriculum that add even more impact to our learners.

The Learning Experience

Experiential Learning

We deliver all of our programmes online. This offers our clients a flexible programmes open to all of their staff and creates a solution for standardised Data Science and AI education across global workforces.

We apply an approach of blended experiential learning through a mixture of interactive, instructor-led workshops, bite-size recorded videos and hands-on real-world simulated practice on EDUKATE.AI to create the optimum balance between theoretical and practical learning. This takes learners through a process of learning skills in lectures, experimenting with them in EDUKATE.AI assignments and then applying them to the workplace to generate the return on investment.


All of our learners have access to EDUKATE.AI® during their studies, where they have access to all of their learning content and assignments and can request support from tutors. 

EDUKATE.AI® is an innovative learning environment to enable apprentices to efficiently build their knowledge and skills. The platform provides learners with immediate feedback on their assignments and programming, helping them learn independently and accelerating their journey. The assignments simulate a real data science work environment, with apprentices working on real-world datasets and using industry-standard tools that data scientists use in their work. EDUKATE.AI provides an environment to experiment with applying their skills to datasets, helping accelerate their ability to apply them at work and generate ROI.

Learner Support

For learners joining our live lecture programmes, we offer four key pillars of support to help them succeed.  

1 - Personalised feedback on exercises

Learners work on real-world simulated assignments receiving feedback and recommendations from EDUKATE.AI and their expert tutors, accelerating and embedding their learning.

2 - Expert teachers and tutors

Our modularised curriculum comprises comprehensive, interactive lectures led by experienced professionals and academics, with 1:1 tutor support during classes.

3 - Expert technical mentors and support

Experienced technical experts provide support on scoping and delivering projects. Learners can log a support ticket on EDUKATE.AI® to ask for help and specific feedback from a technical expert. 

4 - Professional coaching (Apprenticeships only)

Our Apprentices (see Delivery Options below) receive one-on-one coaching sessions with a qualified coach as well as quarterly tripartite reviews with managers. These occur over a 12 week cycle, and more regularly should the learner need or request it.

Experts in Online Delivery

All of our programmes are delivered online as standard, through EDUKATE.AI and our live lecture series (available through Teams or Zoom). For employees joining our live lecture series, the following features have been created to guaranteed a gold standard learning experience:

  • Lecturer + tutors in every lecture All of our virtual live instructor-led sessions have both a lecturer and at least one tutor on hand to answer questions and support learners. While one expert leads the virtual training sessions, another provides instant Q&A via the messaging platform. This ensures fewer disruptions and a more personal experience for learners
  •  Recordings available for every lecture All of our live lectures are recorded and available afterwards, allowing our learners to revisit each lecture in their own time and to ensure they can catch up if for some reason they cannot join
  • Interactive, hands-on learning Throughout the training programme and lectures, learners will complete assignments developed on real datasets on EDUKATE.AI® where they can find all their learning resources
  • Study groups Learners will have access to a Slack community, where they can come together to chat, knowledge share and solve problems with their peers, including learners from other organisations and learners on our other programmes
  • Industry Expert Insights Lectures Each month we invite a senior individual from industry to give a guest lecture on the realities of applying and deploying data science and AI in the business world. This engages our learners with new applications of data science and AI outside of their work and further contextualises their skills to potential applications in their work  

Delivery Options

We offer four delivery options tailored to your needs and to suit your employees. Cambridge Spark can deliver to your workforce globally with asynchronous learning available at all time  and lives lectures run in New York, London and Hong Kong timezones. 

Each delivery option has been designed to suit the needs of different employers, tailored to the flexibility of delivery they need and speed of skill deployment. Our Training Solutions team can work with you to understand the best solution, or combination of solutions, for your organisation.

Self-Paced Immersive Learning

For teams that need the most flexible learning solution, our self-paced immersive learning solution provides employees with access to EDUKATE.AI for a twelve month period for the full Data Analyst Academy curriculum. Employees have complete control over when they learn, with lectures available as pre-recorded videos which they access on EDUKATE.AI alongside their assignments. EDUKATE.AI provides immediate feedback on their assignments to support independent study. Employees will have access to tutor support through the EDUKATE.AI ticketing system, which provides help once they have progressed as far as they can independently.

Flexible Blended Learning

Our flexible blended learning solution provides the most tailored delivery structure, with the option to create bootcamps and short courses from our curriculum of more than 40 modules. This gives a targeted skills injection to close skills gaps we will identify with you as part of a skills gap analysis.  

With this delivery option, the Academy can be started at any date and be of a duration tailored to your organisation. Employees will be required to attend live lectures, with a flexible time commitment for completing their assignments. Employees will receive support from EDUKATE.AI feedback and from tutors through the feedback system. Where required, we can also provide technical mentors to support the delivery of work-based projects which apply their new skills.

Data Analyst Fellowship

Our Fellowships are delivered as a structured programme over a tailored period lasting up to 12 months, with a data hackathon halfway through the Fellowship. 

Fellows are required to join our series of live lectures, with access to recordings of the lectures. Fellows have a flexible time commitment for completing their EDUKATE.AI assignments, receiving EDUKATE.AI feedback and tutor support through the ticketing system. Halfway through the Fellowship, your employees will take part in a 2 day hackathon where they work in teams to tackle a real business problem on a new dataset they have not worked with before. For groups of 20 or more of your employees, we can work with you to build your own hackathon using your organisation’s data with a relevant business query. Throughout the Fellowship, your employees will work with a Cambridge Spark technical mentor to apply their skills to work-based project and build a project portfolio.

As part of the Fellowship, your employees will have access to our Industry Expert Insight sessions and become part of our community groups for peer networking and knowledge sharing. They also will have access to our alumni network on completion of the Fellowship. 

The Data Analyst Fellowship is available globally, with enrollment dates in September, February and May each year.

Data Analyst Apprenticeship

For learners in England we can deliver the Data Analyst Academy as a 14 month programme (plus End Point Assessment) funded by the Apprenticeship Levy.

Apprentices will join our structured series of live lectures with Apprentices and Fellows from other organisations and have a fixed time commitment of 20% of their working hours as Off The Job (OTJ) learning. This includes activities such as the lectures, EDUKATE.AI assignments, research, shadowing senior colleagues and scoping out work projects. 

Seven months into the programmes, Apprentices will undertake a 2 day hackathon where they work in teams to tackle a real business problem on a new dataset they have not worked with before. For groups of 20 or more of your employees, we can work with you to build your own hackathon using your organisation’s data with a relevant business query.

Apprentices receive continuous support from the EDUKATE.AI feedback system and tutor support through logging a ticket on EDUKATE.AI. A technical mentor will work directly with each Apprentice on their work-based projects to build a project portfolio and generate a return on investment for the employer. Apprentices also receive one-on-one coaching sessions with a qualified coach as well as quarterly tripartite reviews with line managers.

As part of the Apprenticeship, your employees will have access to our Industry Expert Insight sessions and become part of our community groups for peer networking and knowledge sharing. They also will have access to our alumni network on completion of the Apprenticeship.

The Data Analyst Apprenticeship is certified by the British Computer Society. For full details on the Data Analyst Apprenticeship, read more here. 


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