Case study: Administrator Presents Insights and Action Plan, Improves Employee Morale


Madhavi Thatikonda is an Administrator at the Sundridge Medical Practice, which provides primary care to residents. Her main focus is on managing patient referrals from the practice to community and secondary care, requiring her to handle patient data every day.Download the condensed PDF

Learner profile

Organisation: Sundridge Medical Practice

Job function: Administration

Job title: Administrator

Industry: Healthcare

Company Size: ~20 employees

Programme: Level 3 Data Citizen

Programme duration: 13 months


"My whole outlook has changed. Now I start to think of how to categorise data as we’re collecting it and why we’re sending data. I can now see the different ways to best communicate with and present data to different types of people."

Madhavi Thatikonda, Administrator

Seeing the data in everything

Madhavi initially saw the Data Citizen Apprenticeship as an opportunity to become more efficient in her work processes and stay updated and relevant. But she hadn't realised just how integral data is to her role.

When a doctor at Sundridge wants to refer a patient, Madhavi processes data to book an appointment with the relevant specialist through an e-referral system. She also manages and regularly audits "fast-track" referrals for patients with suspected cancer. And she handles third-party requests for patient data (e.g. from insurers or employers).

Now in hindsight, she says, "everything I touch and see is data".



Designed and presented action plan to management

based on analysis of patient feedback


Raised employee morale

by collecting and highlighting positive patient comments

Collecting and analysing patient feedback

Sundridge conducts an annual patient survey to collect feedback around quality of care, standard of facilities, experience booking an appointment and other service aspects. Madhavi collects, cleanses and analyses the data from this survey.

This year she saw the project as a chance to try out some of her new data skills. She applied her learnings on the apprenticeship to join some 130+ survey responses, combining her colleague's dataset using PowerQuery. She also built pivot tables—a personal first—to further consolidate the data and then created different data visualisations to present and highlight patterns in patient responses.

"I was surprised by how closely the programme has complemented my role. Especially the work I was already doing with processing patient feedback, it just mapped to all the KSBs for the apprenticeship."

Madhavi Thatikonda, Administrator

Presenting insights and raising morale

Once she'd pulled together insights from the survey data, Madhavi drafted an action plan for improvement. She then presented her findings and the action plan at a staff meeting. The feedback data, along with her visualisations and action plan, were published on Sundridge's website. She says the apprenticeship gave her the confidence to present.

But one of the most rewarding outcomes of the project for Madhavi was being able to raise employee morale. The comments she shared from patients praising their experience were met with applause from the staff.

Monitoring referrals

Madhavi is now looking at fast-track referrals for her next project. She wants to create a dashboard to help Sundridge more closely monitor referrals for patients suspected to have cancer. If the project proceeds, it could help these patients more reliably receive a diagnosis and urgent care. This dashboard will inform clinicians about the quality of their referrals which will enhance their diagnostic acumen and prompt learning needs.

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